American Woodcrafters Adds Six Collections From Fall Market

American Woodcrafters adds two youth collections, the 1840 and 7820 and four master collections, the 1230 Quebec, 1575 Genoa, 2420 Sedona and 6540 Cottage Traditions.

The 1840 Heartland is a modern reinvention of our current 1800 series which has been a best seller for a long time. Multiple configurations are available including a loft bed, twin, full and bunk beds. We also included a queen headboard only into the program for small scale living.

The 7820 Youth Collection is an extension from one of our top selling master collections. The color of the finish is the same as the master and is really in now says Glen Goldenberg, President of American Woodcrafters. We can hardly keep it in stock.

The 2420 and 6540 both come with a unique crackled finish that drew a lot of attention at market. We immediately placed orders for these and are being produced as we speak. The 1230 and 1575 are also great additions to our line. We have done the fieldwork with retailers and the response has been terrific. Please check out all the new collections on our youth and master pages.