New Age Tip-Restraint Recall Information —

(Note: This recall only applies to Tip-Restraints produced by New Age Industries and
does not apply to furniture products produced by American Woodcrafters.)



This Statement of Terms, Sales Policies and Conditions of Sale will apply to all American Woodcrafters
dealers. The purpose of this statement is to provide the foundation of a mutually beneficial relationship
that ensures equitable treatment of all Ameri can Woodcrafter dealers , and guidelines that help quickly
resolve any questions regarding ordering , shipping and receiving our merchandise. American
Woodcrafters will endeavor to provide you with the highest product for the price point, timely and
accurate information, and prompt dependable service.


  1. Net 30 days, FOB our facility in High Point, North Carolina or net 45 to 60 days for containers
    shipping from port of origin. Anticipation discounts are not offered.
  2. These terms apply to all orders accepted by us, regardless of any stipulations or terms on dealer’s
    purchase order.
  3. Merchandise is not offered on consignment or conditional sale.
  4. A late payment charges may be added to all delinquent accounts.
  5. A fee of $35.00 will be charged for all return checks.
  6. Prepaid orders must be paid with a certified check, money order or credit card.



  1. The minimum order requirement is $500.00
  2. Merchandise may be shipped to the dealer’s store, warehouse or dropped shipped to consumer.
    Orders that are drop ship directly to consumer will be set up by dealer.
  3. Dealer will specify which carrier they would like to use, to ensure prompt service and proper
    handling. Freight rates are determined by each carrier and are not American Woodcraft ers’
  4. Delays or late shipments due to fires, acts of God, strikes, acts of war, or other causes beyond our
    control will not be the responsibility of American Woodcrafters.
  5. Loss or damages to merchandise in transit is the responsibility of the carrier. Claims for those
    losses should be promptly filed with the carrier by the consignee/dealer.
  6. All orders are subject to existing American Woodcrafters sales and distribution policies at the time
    of order receipt. American Wood crafters will not accept orders from dealers who sell American
    Woodcrafters products outside the dealers trading area, to other dealers, or from unauthorized
  7. Orders for direct containers of mixed goods can have no more than three product lines with a
    minimum of 750 cubes from the same factory.
  8. Acceptance of orders will be at the discretion of American Woodcrafters.


All pieces carry a one-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects. Warranty period begins at
date of invoice. When requesting a replacement, you will need to include either the original po#, s/o#
or inv# showing it is within the one-year warranty. You will also need to include a photo of the defect as
well as a photo of the back of the unit showing the production label.


We strongly recommend inspecting all product received from a carrier upon delivery. Note any and all
damages on the bill of lading. If an item is delivered damaged contact your carrier at that time and file a
claim. Most carriers only allow a 15-day window to file a claim.

When there is a question as to if product is defective or damaged in transit you will need to provide the

  • Photo of the whole piece with damage, and carton if you have it.
  • Close up photos of the problem with the product
  • Photo of the production label located on the back of each piece
  • The original po#, s/o# or inv# showing it is within the one-year warranty.

The photos will be reviewed and if it is determined to be transit damage it will then become the
responsibility of the dealer to file a freight claim with their carrier.


  1. Handcrafted wood furniture has naturally occurred variances in materials; therefore, the dealer
    is responsible for a reasonable amount of deluxing prior to delivery to a consumer.
  2. Should a defect in manufacturing occur, American Woodcrafters’™ responsibility is limited to
    repair or replacement of the merchandise at the original invoiced price.
  3. Product repairs without American Woodcrafters’ prior written consent will not be accepted.
  4. All merchandise returned for credit must be authorized in writing by American Woodcrafters.
    All unauthorized returns will be subject to a 20% restocking fee.
  5. American Woodcrafters’ representatives can only recommend repairs, returns, replacements,
    and allowances. No automatic charge backs will be accepted.
  6. Concealed damage is a 1/3 credit of the damaged product, which will be issued to
    customer’s account.

Price list is provided as a courtesy to our dealers. All prices are subject to change without notice and
errors contained herein will not be American Woodcrafters’ responsibility.

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